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Many people think that they are not responsible for the biodiversity crisis. Nevertheless, we all contribute to it through our daily consumer habits.

Stay informed! The first step is to get informed about the species and ecosystems of Mexico, about the causes of biodiversity loss, and about alternatives that can reduce our impact. Use this website. Demand information about the actual situation from the media such as newspapers, radio, and television.

Participate! You can join non-governmental (civil society) organizations or governmental organizations to support their work on conserving nature. There are hundreds of organizations that could use your time, skills, and financial support. Find them in the Mexican directory for conservation (2008) of the Fund for Environmental Communication and Education (FCEA, in Spanish).

Consume responsibly! Think about your daily activities and how you can reduce your impact, or “ecological footprint”. Millions of Mexicans can make a difference if everyone is conscious about the impact of their decisions and actions. Reduce the usage of energy and fuels. Walk. Reduce the excessive usage of food and other products whose production, purchase, packaging, long distance transportation, refrigeration, etc., have a high impact (like meat and shrimp). Save water and recycle .

Produce responsibly! Do not waste energy and raw materials in the production process. Do not make disposable products. Include the real environmental cost in the price of your products.

Denounce! Contact authorities and insist that they protect species (pets, ornamental plants) that are being exploited and commercialized illegally; that they stop any harm or destruction of protected areas; and that they prohibit activities that have a negative impact on our environment (PROFEPA) .


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